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MI6The newest James Bond movie Spectre is due out this week. In the Bond series, female characters most often play the part of a villain or a love interest to 007, (or both). And while Judy Dench played “M” in the previous four Bond movies, there have been few if any ladies amongst the 00 agents.


It would appear that MI6 wants to change that. Yes, the call for diversity has reached the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom. Job advertisements for Intelligence Officers have recently been placed on a website that caters to Moms: Mumsnet.


The job description notes that “… this is a place where qualities like creativity, insight, curiosity, empathy and intuition are valued just as highly as intellectual ability and analytical, logical thinking.”  Unclear whether they are insinuating a gender distinction with that or not.


In any event, recent decades have shown an uptick in the percentage of females in Intelligence positions across the globe, more or less commensurate with increasing visibility of women in all occupational areas. Having employees with diverse experience, backgrounds and points of view is surely an asset?  Is there any reason this would be less true in Intelligence work?


Link here to read an amusing story from about the MI6 ad.