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Predictive ProfilingThis week’s Chameleon Riddle asks: what is being defined below? Answer will be posted next week. Comments are welcome, as always.


I am a method of situational threat assessment designed to predict and categorize the potential for inappropriate, harmful, criminal and/or terrorist behavior that leads to the deployment of procedures and actions necessary to confirm, reduce and/or eliminate such threats. (According to Security Girl), I am the best practicable methodology for terrorist threat mitigation. And the only method that adheres to legal, commercial and civil liberty concerns while still offering an effective security solution.


I aim to categorize threat based on the predicted methods of operation that would be used by a given aggressor to attack a given protected environment.


A person holding a box cutter on a train going 100 miles per hour presents a threat in the form of hijacking a train while in transit. However, holding a box cutter in the middle of a train station is not threatening from the point of view of a mass-casualty terrorist attack.


Whether it involves people or objects, every situation is evaluated according to time, location, and the possible threatening scenarios associated with the specific protected environment.


What am I? <<Link to answer

predictive profiling