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Patrick ArguelloThe answer to last week’s riddle is Patrick Arguello. Our clever raffle winner is Dan H. He wins a free individual license for Predictive Profiling Online. Nice work, Dan!


Patrick Arguello – more completely known as Patricio José Argüello Ryan – joined Leila Khaled in an attempt to hijack an El Al flight out of Amsterdam on September 6, 1970. Traveling on false Honduran passports, they boarded disguised as a married couple. His cover was Dr. Enrico Diaz. Thirty minutes into the flight, Patrick threw a grenade down the aisle which failed to explode. He then pulled out his pistol. In the ensuing mêlée, he fired 3 to 5 shots which wounded a steward. The pilot put the Boeing 707 into a nose dive, throwing everyone including the would-be hijackers off balance. Passengers subdued Khaled and Arguello who was at some point shot by El Al security officers on the plane which made an emergency landing at Heathrow. Arguello was dead on arrival at a London hospital.